chip on one's shoulder, have a

 Bear a grudge, either for a particular reason or against the world in general

A concise dictionary of English slang (2nd edition) . . 2015.

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  • chip — ► NOUN 1) a small, thin piece removed in the course of cutting or breaking a hard material. 2) a blemish left by the removal of such a piece. 3) chiefly Brit. a long rectangular piece of deep fried potato. 4) (also potato chip) chiefly N. Amer. a …   English terms dictionary

  • chip — n. thin slice (AE) 1) a potato chip (BE has crisp) semiconductor body 2) an integrated circuit; silicon chip misc. 3) a bargaining chip ( smt. that can be used to win concessions ); a chip off the old block ( a child who resembles its parent );… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • chip — chip1 chippable, adj. /chip/, n., v., chipped, chipping. n. 1. a small, slender piece, as of wood, separated by chopping, cutting, or breaking. 2. a very thin slice or small piece of food, candy, etc.: chocolate chips. 3. a mark or flaw made by… …   Universalium

  • chip — {{11}}chip (n.) O.E. cipp piece of wood, perhaps from PIE root *keipo sharp post (Cf. Du. kip small strip of wood, O.H.G. kipfa wagon pole, O.N. keppr stick, L. cippus post, stake, beam; the Germanic words perhaps borrowed from Latin). Meaning… …   Etymology dictionary

  • chip — noun 1》 a small, thin piece removed in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking a hard material.     ↘a blemish left by the removal of a chip.     ↘Brit. wood or woody fibre split into thin strips and used for weaving hats or baskets. 2》 Brit …   English new terms dictionary

  • chip — n. & v. n. 1 a small piece removed by or in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking, esp. from hard material such as wood or stone. 2 the place where such a chip has been made. 3 a (usu. in pl.) a strip of potato, deep fried. b (in pl.) US… …   Useful english dictionary

  • chip — chip1 W3S2 [tʃıp] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(food)¦ 2¦(computer)¦ 3¦(piece)¦ 4¦(mark)¦ 5 have a chip on your shoulder 6 when the chips are down 7 be a chip off the old block 8¦(game)¦ 9¦(sport)¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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